Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. Well, more like week. We went down to Dana and Marilyn's this year. It was all jolly good fun, with food and people and games. It was all very quiet, of course, being the Vaughans. :D Wednesday we left in the afternoon, and got down to Wilton for gospel meeting, which was awesome. Thursday we did Thanksgiving things, consuming copious amounts of food, playing games, and general festivities.  Then on Friday, we went shopping, and I GOT A CAMERA. Oh wow it's exciting. I love it!! Friday night the Lucases came over and we had a fabulous dinner and then played games until we were all too tired to make much sense. :) Saturday we were getting ready to go, but Tori and I ended up staying down and went to the Weaver's for games. So we played football and then other people came and we played more football. And had a bonfire, fireworks, and then basketball, before going inside. On Sunday after meeting, we rode up home with Caleb. Cody had come home Saturday night, so we got to see him for the evening before he left Monday morning. So that was awesome! I only have pictures from Friday on, since I don't have any of the pictures I took with Clover or Bet's cameras. 

Tired after shopping. :)

Dana and Marilyn have such a pretty view!

Cheyenne with the accordion, a hit with the kids.

I love her curls. :)

There was A LOT of go-fish played by the wee-kids. 

My camera takes fantastic sunset pictures! That's unedited. Have I mentioned how much I like my camera? :D

The kids tale when the Lucases came. 

Crazy faces from the balcony. :D 

This was right before he hit me with the pillow. I love that crazy kid! 

Watching the big kids play Taboo. Which got quite interesting, with talk of pocket-knives and freezers and dentist-suicide-rates. :D 

The kids, minus Gilbert and Lincoln, who were in bed.

Lovely Lucas family! 

Tory and Tori!

Livy and Cheyenne!

Lincoln and Gilbert were so cute together!!!

When we got home Sunday, Gilbert had discovered the harmonica, and was gleeful. :) And I totally didn't take any pictures Saturday.

Cody, Thurn and Taxis, and DMD. So February!

Cute little Owen and Ashley! :)

Cody's got that squint. And a cut-off sweater. :P

Gilbert discovered the thrill of the bookbag!

He also discovered how to suction a cup to his face. Which kept him entertained for a bit. :)

The sunrise this morning, which was totally fabulous!

And I. have. a. camera!