Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Barn with Clover's Camera

Clover got a new camera. It. is. lovely.  Today we took the kids out the the barn, and she let me play with it. And here's the thing: It took really good pictures, even in the barn.  I NEVER get good pictures in the barn, since it's so dark. It was exciting.  Here's some of my favorites.    

Since the blog background is black, it looks like this picture is small and offset. But it's not.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog Circle: Lucky

This month's theme is lucky. I did some of the things I'm lucky about in regards to spring.  It really was spring for a couple weeks there. Now we have snow again and we're supposed to get a couple more weeks of winter. But for a couple of weeks we got to sugar! So things that make me lucky: sugaring, the influx of family due to sugaring, more sun in the evening, and plants indoors! 

Rilla's birthday party a couple of weekends ago. She always gets to have a party up here with cousins since it falls during sugaring time! 


A wee lamb. :)

Actual sunlight when it's time to do cows! 

Some of the plants Tori started indoors. They're sprouting! 

I'm also lucky that in a week, I'll be in Wyoming! But I obviously don't have pictures of that. :)