Monday, October 29, 2012


Here's week 31's picture. It's a little wonky. But I like books. 

And some general pictures I took this evening:


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall and Quebec

Tweedle dee. I

We went target practicing a couple weekends ago. It was super fun! :) 

Just look at those clouds. 

Last Sunday we went up to Patate Lablanc for poutine for lunch, and then drove around and saw Mum's house and where she went to school and all. 

Precious boy in the park. :)

Where Mum grew up.

Her school. 

I was feeling kinda sick, so I didn't really get any other pictures. And I haven't put picture on the computer recently. Oh well.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cotten Kids and #30.

    Last week Bethaney wanted to take some pictures of the kids. So we ended up going around in the cold taking pictures of them and the fallyness. My camera was really really stupid that day. It didn't focus well, at all, and would take the picture like 10 seconds after I pressed the shutter. So. I had a limited selection of in focus pictures to choose from. But it's the kids so they're still cute pictures, even if poor ones. I'd caption the pictures or whatever, but we're painting the bathroom as a surprise for Mum. So we  need to tidy up all the stuff we took out this morning. Also, none of these pictures are edited. Some of them ought to have been, maybe, but I've been busy. And it was a really nice night. Even if it was snowing intermittently and the kids were frozen.

This is the picture for week 30. Bam.

This is a picture I took on the bus a couple weeks ago. I just liked it. So.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

I was supposed to put up a 52 picture today, but I'm kind of a forced recluse this week. It's so not even fun. I have 2 major projects due in addition to my normal homework and play practice. So. Also, along with my weekly picture, Bethaney and I took pictures of the kids I should put up. So hopefully Thursday night or Friday I can post something, since I should be done with everything.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We went home with Fiona for the weekend and went to the city on Saturday. The entire weekend was pretty much the funnest thing ever! 

It'd be correct to say that I had a culture shock. Moira it ain't! 

This was the typical tourist shot they said, so I obviously had to take it!

Colony Sheet Music went out of business. Hence Fiona's heartbreak. 

They used tractor seats as decorations in a restaurant!

Radio City and the Rock!

The view from the top, towards the Empire State.

Us at the top!

Central Park!

And the clouds were pretty awesome. :) 

We went to Sak's 5th Avenue and went to the shoe floor. :) These were $500 rubber boots. Not something you'd want to wear in the barn!

The Trump CafĂ© in Trump Towers. 

A Playmobil castle in FAO Shwartz. It made be think of the Cotten girls. :)

The Plaza!

After the above, we went on the Subway to Canal Street and wandered around buying cheap scarves, and then walked to the High Line, only we got a bit lost and wandered for quite a while. But we got to see some cool parts of the city! I didn't get many pictures of that part. But it was there!

Lots of pigeons!

And taxis. All over.

The High Line! After walking to it for and hour and a half, it needed a picture! It was super cool!

There was some cool restaurant down off to the side. But it looked fun! 

A bee on some asters.

Tori really wanted me to get a picture of the trees. I think that the expression on the guy's face is priceless. 

A cat!

Some pretty window boxes. 

Somehow this got to the bottom and I'm too lazy to drag it to the top, but it's the street from the top of the Rock.

A cool-ly painted building!

The whole weekend was awesome, but I didn't get many pictures of it. But we ate A LOT. And went shopping. And read. And played piano.