Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Funsies!

I'm rather busy with photography lately, but I haven't been taking many pictures, which seems like an oxy-moron. I have both Photography and Digital Photo this semester, which is fun! Amongst it all I sort of forgot I had a blog. Actually, I totally forgot about it. But here are some quick pictures from the winter!

I spent a bit of a week at Clover's, and this is the part where we drank peppermint tea out of her totes presh teapot. Loooove. Also, my mustache mug from Amy.

Cheesy, perhaps, but I was experimenting with a macro lens extender of Bet's. 

Shooting still-lifes in digital.

I really, really love the way that glass looks in still lifes. Pretty much all my still lifes in my portfolio in Drawing I are a bunch of glass objects. Oops.

Hoyt! He's the sweetest little man!

A little Quebecois landscape on the way home from Montreal with Amy.

Hoyt toes! I really like him.

And then, Cody's birthday pie. I had fun with it. :)