Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've definitely been slacking in the picture posting area. I kind of just avoided putting them on the computer for a while. Anyways. 

It's a bad picture, but it's one that makes me laugh, so it's here. Plus, it was raining, which was SO EXCITING. 

The bottom of pools is always so summery to me.

The sunset! It was perfect. I didn't edit it, it was just so orange!

Prettiness on the way to Plattsburgh!


The church in Norwood.

A poorly edited version of the barn. But it was a poor picture anyway. 


She's the most precious little child!

Misty mountains on the way to B-Day.

So it's kinda weird, but it was just a perfect summer Sunday evening. So I did a triptych. 

Precious Marilla when we were going to pick Tori up at the airport. She obviously needed all four of her toys.


I read the map on the way to Milford. I think this was Nebraska. But I could be wrong.

The sunset on the way home from Milford. We had just come out of a wicked storm and it was so pretty!

The lights at the fair!