Saturday, June 30, 2012


Coyote and the cat. :)

Breanna Bear looked so sad.

It was so lovely this evening!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Pictures then! Um, so, yah.
It was warm! And sunny! And I had iced tea and such things that make me happy. 

Precious child. We watched him on Friday and he was totes adorb.

Ok. Help me out here. This sharpened it really weird. Like when I uploaded it. Because it looks really weird here, but it looked normal on the editor. Help us all! I might be sad. Well, not really, but it's annoying. 

Rainy day. What else is new?

PreciousElsie. Lovely child.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Tomorrow is the 100th day of my 365! It's also the first day of summer vacation for me! Woot! I also find out my regents grades and my SAT scores. A little terrifying. Anyway, pictures!

What a fabulous kid! I had some cool pictures of the pansies, but this picture is just to great. I love him. :D 

I definitely grabbed this at last minute. It's some flowers we had that Mum bought Bet.

Going to Ottawa for IKEA yesterday! I love car rides through the prettiness.

Succulents at Walmart today. I REALLY want one. But I'd probably end up murdering it. Sad but true story of my life.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I haven't updated in awhile, since last time I got on to put up pictures, it said I was out of storage on my blog, and would have to pay $30 a year for more. Sooooo I was indignant. And then I gave in. So, more pictures! 

The lake across from the hospital on the way to Joan's funeral.


The lettuce in the garden. We've been having LOTS of salads. The royal we, anyway.

Lily bean swinging.

This was a last minute picture. But my room makes me happy!

Penny jumping over a windrow.

Gahhhhh. This was another last minute shot. I was sleeping in Cody's room, and so I tried to do a long exposure to get the light, but it didn't turn out so well.


The birds landing on the silo this afternoon.