Monday, February 20, 2012

février, the first part.

February had been a pretty good month thus far!  Bet and Cody had birthdays, the workers came, we went to Lake Placid and Wilmington with Bet, Lindsey came home, we had a fun weekend, and it's vacation! There's a lot of exciting things happening in the future, too! Like Kimberly coming tomorrow. And going to Winterlude this weekend, Joanna coming, Amy and Betty possibly coming in March, Evan and Justin taking me to RI at the end of March, Scotty F. coming in April.... 

Cody's ancient. 

Lily making a beard on the way to the thrift store. :)

It snowed all pretty while we were in Lake Placid.

Dancing on a table in the ice castle in Saranac Lake. Crazy children.

Flowers Daddy bought Mum for Valentine's Day. What a nice guy. :)

Going down to pick Lindsey up on Saturday. We were supposed to pick her up in Syracuse at 9:55, so we left home at 6:30. Then after delays and all, she ended up just flying to Albany, so we picked her up there at 1 instead, and then met up with everyone. So we were in the car for about 7 hours. It actually wasn't bad. We had fun.

The whole group at skating. 

 We wandered around Albany for a bit. Tim knew of this pizza place, and when we got there, the line was insane. So we ended up waiting about an hour, and got pizza. Most of us loitered on the sidewalk. It was fun. :) 
Then we went to a hockey game. I hadn't ever been to one before, and it was fun. 

This zamboni driver was intense. No smiles there. He was dedicated to his job. I really wish I had a better picture. 

Albany won, 3 to 0. Totes awes!