Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suburban Summer

I'm down at Clover's,  so I'm experiencing suburbia at it's finest. :D The kids are sweet as ever. But poor Lincoln is sick now, with a virus. Anyways, pictures from here, since my other pictures are at home.

A wabbit on the lawn.

 Clover's new african violet. She's feeling superior, since she has a live one and mum's one that is at home is dead. Which is a reverse of the normal. :D Anyways, this is a very frilly african violet.

 Lincoln on Sunday, before he was sick. He really is just too adorable.

 Playing "run from the camera" last night. This game was put in motion by Cheyenne, who hates it if i take a picture she hasn't told me to take.

 Cheyenne decided they should pose. So this is the face covering pose, with Elliott a little confused. 

Another one of Cheyenne's poses.

Then Elliott went into his normal "Take a picture of my hand! Take a picture of my foot! Take a picture of my hair!" routine.

Today, it poured for a brief bit, and so there was rain on the pine tree. 

I get to see Kim today! And i got the most adorable apron the other day. (And I didn't even bring heels!!! The ONE time I plan flats for meeting, I buy an apron and don't have heels. What was I thinking?) So I think I may push the idea of making a pie. Pie-making with Kim. Sounds like it could get interesting!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lillian at the Lake

I got a lot of pictures of Lily at the lake, but hardly any of Orianna, because she got out way before Ori. She was rather cute! And yes, I feel weird about posting 2 days in a row but I just got done sorting these pictures. 

Throwing sand is SO fun!

This one is blurry, but she was running, so it's fitting, I guess.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Tomorrow we're going to Almonte!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, here's various pictures from the last couple weeks.


This picture was in my last post, but not edited. I like it much better like this.


Owen and Ashley took us to Paul Smith's for fishing. I now love fishing! This opens up new worlds.

The lilies are out!

Bet's little roses.

Nate's a fantastic kid! 

So is Orianna.

And Lily is, too.

We got Donnelly's yesterday!!!!!

We went to Lake Clear after hiking Azure, driving around, eating poutine, and getting Donnelly's. What a fantastic 4th!

Fireworks last night!