Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Tomorrow we're going to Almonte!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, here's various pictures from the last couple weeks.


This picture was in my last post, but not edited. I like it much better like this.


Owen and Ashley took us to Paul Smith's for fishing. I now love fishing! This opens up new worlds.

The lilies are out!

Bet's little roses.

Nate's a fantastic kid! 

So is Orianna.

And Lily is, too.

We got Donnelly's yesterday!!!!!

We went to Lake Clear after hiking Azure, driving around, eating poutine, and getting Donnelly's. What a fantastic 4th!

Fireworks last night!


  1. Sweetness! Glad to know you are now the Fishing Queen, as well as a Photography Genius. Cool pictures all 'round!

  2. Well, it was a pretty crummy fishing day. We only caught 6 keepers between us. I only caught one keeper. Definitely not Fishing Queen. :D