Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Pictures then! Um, so, yah.
It was warm! And sunny! And I had iced tea and such things that make me happy. 

Precious child. We watched him on Friday and he was totes adorb.

Ok. Help me out here. This sharpened it really weird. Like when I uploaded it. Because it looks really weird here, but it looked normal on the editor. Help us all! I might be sad. Well, not really, but it's annoying. 

Rainy day. What else is new?

PreciousElsie. Lovely child.


  1. The grass looks totally normal. So there.

  2. More of life needs to be spent at the green table under the maples. Especially when there are Gilberts there.

  3. I like to spend time there. It's lovely. And Gilbert's make it even better. :)