Friday, October 19, 2012

Cotten Kids and #30.

    Last week Bethaney wanted to take some pictures of the kids. So we ended up going around in the cold taking pictures of them and the fallyness. My camera was really really stupid that day. It didn't focus well, at all, and would take the picture like 10 seconds after I pressed the shutter. So. I had a limited selection of in focus pictures to choose from. But it's the kids so they're still cute pictures, even if poor ones. I'd caption the pictures or whatever, but we're painting the bathroom as a surprise for Mum. So we  need to tidy up all the stuff we took out this morning. Also, none of these pictures are edited. Some of them ought to have been, maybe, but I've been busy. And it was a really nice night. Even if it was snowing intermittently and the kids were frozen.

This is the picture for week 30. Bam.

This is a picture I took on the bus a couple weeks ago. I just liked it. So.

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  1. Those kids are darling. I especially love Lily's gold tutu. The perfect fall outfit, natch. Some fun pictures, now post pictures of the bathroom!