Monday, October 1, 2012

52s Thus Far!

So my 365 project has evolved to a 52 week project. The numerous reasons include: Tori deleting a lot of pictures off of a camera, forgetting to take pictures in the days leading up to the pig roast, and an insanely busy year at school. Anyhoo, these are the pictures for every week since I started my 365 project in March. So far there are 28 weeks, so yay. After play practice tonight, I sat down and complied the entire project and edited the ones that hadn't already been in the 365 project. I've been meaning to do it since like August?

Those were the weeks up to when I posted last. Therefore I won't talk about them so that I can actually finish this post. 

Wee Lily playing the dirt! Precious girl.

Coming home from Altamont!

That piece of grass? It's a V, like Vaughan. It was pretty special.

Doggy poos.

The barn in all it's radiant glory last week. It was so storm-a-ly,  sun-a-ly beautiful it was ridiculous.



  1. Oh, your fans are now sighing in happy relief. I have MISSED you and your awesome, truly talented photographering.

  2. Lovin' the photos! Keep up the good work!

  3. My two favorite pictures are the mailbox with dandelions and the barn in the awesome sort of weird sunlight. Fun pics!