Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog Circle: Lucky

This month's theme is lucky. I did some of the things I'm lucky about in regards to spring.  It really was spring for a couple weeks there. Now we have snow again and we're supposed to get a couple more weeks of winter. But for a couple of weeks we got to sugar! So things that make me lucky: sugaring, the influx of family due to sugaring, more sun in the evening, and plants indoors! 

Rilla's birthday party a couple of weekends ago. She always gets to have a party up here with cousins since it falls during sugaring time! 


A wee lamb. :)

Actual sunlight when it's time to do cows! 

Some of the plants Tori started indoors. They're sprouting! 

I'm also lucky that in a week, I'll be in Wyoming! But I obviously don't have pictures of that. :) 


  1. I like the leaf/plant pictures best. And I took the exact same shot of the milking machines last weekend. Coincidence!

  2. For some reason I thought the milking machines had been sold at some point. I guess I need to peruse the milk house more. Cool pictures!

  3. Love those tender little plants getting off to a good start!

  4. Lucky for the little things in life! Love your photos that show each one!

  5. Thanks guys! And Clover, you're obviously clueless.