Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snowy Vaction

Besides the monthly blog circle, I really haven't posted anything since the middle of November. I didn't even do December's blog circle. I'm just really bad at this, I guess.  I've been REALLY busy in school for the last long while. I thought your senior year was supposed to be the slacker year? It's not. Gah. Also, I lost my memory card for the better portion of a month. My 52 week project is officially dead, since I couldn't take pictures without a memory card. Oh well. I'm putting up pictures that I've taken at Clover's these last couple of days. I kind of left my camera at home on accident. So, other pictures will be later. It's snowed a lot these last couple of days. When I got here, there wasn't any snow, due to the thaw.  There's now several feet. Sunday night we got 2 ft, last night 6 inches, and today who knows how much. The kids had a snow day! It's pretty nasty. 

Ralph's shed Monday morning

Branches this afternoon. I wasn't sure if I liked the color or black and white better. 

The trees along the street. 

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  1. I definitely like the color of the branches better! It adds more visual depth.