Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Holga lens and Fun Stuff

Clover gave me her old DSLR! And Bethaney gave me a Holga lens and a wide angle adapter. I've had lots of fun with them, to say the least.  So! Pictures!

 Right before a big thunderstorm the other night.

Halfway through, it was still pouring, but the sun came out. It was super pretty! 

And then went back away. And came back. And on and on. Basically, the weather is truly bipolar.

Lighting! I wish I could have been at a better angle.

Rainy roses.

And of course, awesome clouds afterwards.

And now some Holga lens photos! Bet was going to buy me a Holga camera, but then saw a lens that fits on a Canon, and so she got me that instead. Which I'm very thankful for. 


  1. Totally awesome pictures! We should buy you new lenses every week, if this is the kind of creativity that gets unleashed.