Thursday, August 28, 2014


Although I haven't been as bad about blogging as Clover, I still haven't blogged in almost 2 months. So this will be a gobbledy-gook compilation of all that's happened since then. Well, everything that I've taken photos of, anyhow.  In general, I've been working a lot. I just quit my job at Perkins, but I was juggling both Perkins and Longhorn for like a month and a half. Anyhow, lots of hours, which was nice financially, but didn't leave much time for life.

 I just still get really excited by seeing grain bins when I'm getting gas and stuff. 

Jody, Ryker, and I went to the fair in Barnesville for a ranch rodeo one night. It was super fun! Easily the best rodeo I've ever been to!

He got REALLY excited. :)

This was a trailer relay, which I'd never seen, but is now my favorite event. 

I made cookies. Not too exciting. But, afternoon sun and dark countertops ARE exciting.

So, I was going along with my life, working everyday, and I get off my Sunday shift one weekend, and go play some volleyball, and am getting ready to relax for the 3 days I had off suddenly. And then Tori talked to me, and I drove the 13 hrs to Wyoming at 4 Monday morning, and head home again lunchtime on Wednesday. It was awesome.

Also, while I was there, I took Tori's senior pictures. Here are a few.

Not actually a senior picture, per se, just Tori.

One of the abandoned barns out at the pivots in NE. Where Tori got the truck stuck and then left the battery to die while we sat out there with no cellphone at 6 in the morning. 

I got to see carhenge! I didn't realize that I would be driving down the road it was on, so it was really exciting to get to see it without even having to go out of the way! 

I went for a drive one night. It was lovely.

One Wednesday we went to Buffalo River State Park, and there was goldenrod! Which is only my favorite flower ever and doesn't grow in the city! 

Tacky, but fun.

And a general awesome-day picture. Last Wednesday, I received "The Farmer in All of Us" in the mail, bought a new TSC shirt for $0.99, found a vintage globe cheap, and read a Donald Westlake in the sun-dappled park for several hours. Just good. 

This was a recipe that I made one day and therefore ate for an entire week following. And still found it delicious. It's just pasta with pesto, italian sausage, grape tomatoes, and spinach. 

And that is all of the absolutely fascinating stuff that I've taken photos of in the last 2 months!


  1. Love, love, love all your pictures! Your road trip pictures are so much better than my road trip pictures!

  2. That's just because I'm a better roadtripper and photographer than you are. Ha!

  3. I love the pics, but I worry about the fact you're taking them from a moving car... I like to imagine you're a passenger and not the driver. RIGHT??!?!?! But great pics!