Monday, October 11, 2010

Last However Many Days

We went to PA for the weekend, so I couldn't put up picture-of-the-days during then. So I'll put up other pictures later, but these are the photos of the days, or however you'd say that. And they're pretty boring, since we were in the car a lot.
We drove in the dark. And it made me HAPPY!!!
Tori and I slept on the living room floor, and the porch light was on all night and it was really cool throught the curtains!
We went to IKEA!!!!!!! And Across the road there was a ship in dry dock.
Today we were in the car from 9 until 6, with a couple stops. So I only got pictures out the windows.

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  1. I like the curtains picture. And the top picture just freaks me out, because the last time I was with you and you were taking night pictures in the car, I almost drove to Canada by accident.