Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm terrible at this...

 I was busy with school, and I figured that I could update it over the long weekend, maybe on Thursday. Except I was hardly on the computer. I didn't really get the other stuff i planned to get done over the weekend done either. It was way too goregous outside and there were more stuff to do. I did get a lot of picture, though!

It's a weird picture, but it was the first sunny day in weeks and the sun was shining on the steps. I sorta like it. Plus, I didn't take too many pictures because there was a lot going on.


This picture most definitly irritates me. I couldn't get it to cooperate. I spent too much time doing my global paper. But I got a 100! So I guess it was worth it.


I stayed home sick on Tuesday. I slept pretty much the whole day, and when I wasn't sleeping, I finished my global paper and went to the dentist. Thus, lame picture! But I like the shadow from the picture.



Orianna stayed the night and she wanted me to take picture of her. She's so cute!


This is from part of the travel journal I made on Friday. Besides helping Owen build the corn crib and going to Plattsburg, this is what I accomplished on Friday! It made me very happy, though.


I had sour gummy worms. And it was sunny!!!! On an unrelated note, I was outside for most of the morning since Justin rented and excavator and they dug the foundation for the sugar shack. And then Bet and I went to Malone for the afternoon.

My photo skills were lame today. End of story.

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