Sunday, November 21, 2010


So apperently this is a weekly thing instead of daily. Ah, whatever.
I love clouds. Mkay.

Case in point. The only pictures I took on Tuesday are of various cloud formations.

I'm not so sure I like this one now. The coats hanging up struck me after Wednesday night meeting,
but now it just seems sorta weird. This is also the only edited picture this week. Which is rare.

Late night lame picture.


On Friday, I sat in a wheelbarrow in the barn and took pictures while I was supposed to be watering the pigs because I simply didn't know that I was supposed to be working. So, this is the wall with the windows.


We cleaned the house yesterday. And I went to dust the globe and the sun was shining awesomely on it. It made pretty awesome shadows!

I guess I lied about Wednesday's being the only edited one. I made this one black and white.

Thanksgiving is this week!!!!!!!!!!! Cody and Lindsey are coming home!

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  1. Once a week is better than my current average. Cool pictures, as usual.