Friday, August 12, 2011


Life has been beautiful! :) This afternoon was GORGEOUS so I went and wandered around and took pictures for one of the first days in a couple weeks. I've just taken like one picture a day. And I took most of my pictures of the last month or so on Clover and Bethaney's cameras, so I don't have those pictures to update my 365 album yet. oops. Anyways, we got to Altamont next week, and then the week after that JoAnna is coming!

Tori, Alex and I after the fair last night. We had tons of fun, screaming at all the talent acts, watching people on rides, having the carnies ask us weird questions ("Are you gurllllllls fur sale? Cuz yous got STICKERS on yer head!" - one carny lady, since we had got milk stickers on our foreheads,) and eating delightful fair food. We got a funnel cake, poutine, and a hot apple cinnamon fried dough, between the 3 of us. [OH! I got new glasses! The pair I'm wearing in this picture are my work ones, I have another pair that are nicer too. They make me happy.] [Tori got new glasses too. She's also wearing her work ones. We decided that the fair wasn't the best place for new glasses we want to keep nice. :D ]

Oh how I love sunlight and leaves!

A morning glory on the bridge over the ditch. :)

I really, truly, love queen anne's lace. 

And stone walls with trees. 

And goldenrod also.

Oh, and airplanes too. Today was a very love-to-the world day.

There's a diptych of two goldenrod photos above here.

Lazy cows under the elm. My original goal was to go sit under the elm in my little favorite spot, but I knew if I walked up there they'd all get scared and move and they looked to happy for me to do that. So I ambled instead.

This picture is like happiness in plant form. Or something. 

Coyote climbing the little hill in the pasture.

I liked both of them, so I put both up, but I feel kinda silly.

I went to go walk into the cornfield, but the neighbors pit bull came after Coyote and I, so I ended up not going. Plus I was barefoot and I had forgotten that the whole bottom of that cornfield is mud. But I did get a picture of Al Blazey's barn. Actually, someone else lives there now, but it seems wrong to call it something else.

Chicory! It seems purple-y here.

Mum took me to Malone this evening, and I got canvases and paint!! I'm SO glad that Walmart is carrying canvases again, because always having to go to Micheals for them was always a pain, since we go out there just a couple times a year. 


  1. Cool pictures. A lot of cool pictures.

    Just so you know, I like holding your pictures hostage.

  2. Bet- Thanks! Do you like the powerful feeling that you could ruin my 365 project by deleting some of them? It makes me nervous.
    Verity- I LOVE it. I guess you just have to make a trip up sometime to have some! Or you could make your own, but that would be WAY boring. :)

  3. Simply loverly summer pictures! I have a DVD's worth of awesomeness sitting here on my computer desk. Maybe I'll remember to bring it to Altamont.

  4. Thanks! I'm trying to go through the CD now. Thanks much.