Monday, September 12, 2011

August, September, and Lots of Pictures

The ending of summer was fantastic, and wicked busy. Fall's been great so far too, even though school has started. Since the last blog post, a month ago, we went to Altamont, JoAnna came, we had the pig roast, and school started. I also discontinued my 365 project. Since July 4th, I've taken pictures on 5 different cameras, so trying to sort the pictures would have been a nightmare. Then at Milford, I missed a couple of days, so originally I just planned on finishing it 2 days late, but then at Altamont it was a problem again. And even though the actual picture taking didn't take long, I was constantly fretting and such. So I decided to just stop it. It's sort of a relief, though I sorta really miss it. Oh well. I might do a 52 week one sometime instead. Here's some pictures from the last month.

This is at the rodeo at the fair. He was jumping off to tie it, but it just makes me laugh. He looks so funny!

Donnelly's on the way to Altamont!!!

Abby made me a rock drawing at Altamont and it made me SO happy, I had to go to the dorm and get my camera to document it. :)

Bethanie, Kim, and I, all actually smiling with our eyes open! It took awhile. :D

I love that the corn is tall enough to amble through now. Falllllllll walks!

Gilbert showing off one of the tomatoes from the garden. We got quite the haul.

Orianna with squash.

Lillian makes me laugh. :)

"Helping" Ashley with her garden.

Gilbert and a HUGE zuchin-I-can't-spell-it. We didn't even plant any this year. But it grew!

A watermelon from the garden. It was some smaller variety, so Justin ate the whole thing. :)


Oh clouds.

How summery!

We went up to Owen and Ashley's for supper one night to try lobster, and the church across the road was pretty in the evening sunlight. 

First lobster!



The girls talking to Amy on her birthday. :)

The girls having a tea party with tea and sandwiches. 

Lawnmowers are just so fun.

I love this little boy!!!


So Monday before Labor Day, we went to Montreal. This is us changing a tire, the first of a LONNNNNG list of things that went wrong. :D

This is when we unknowingly parked in a lane of traffic for about 20 minutes. We just thought it was a place to park. Whoops!

I got an old camera at Joe's, but I don't have film for it, so I can just do pictures through the viewfinder for now. but it makes me happy!

Riding up to play baseball Labor Day weekend.


The kids walking back from baseball.


Marilla Jane.

Young kids after meeting!


Amy and Ethan for their annual picture. :)

Rilla and Raggedy Anne.

Evan making ice cream!

The White brought Moxie!!!!! 

Going up to the bonfire/ hymnsing on Sunday.

What sweet cousins. :)

Daddy and Justin dragged out the old pump organ and Austin got the honors of playing it. Evan's pretty priceless here. :D 

The guys were going to sleep in the sugar shack on hay, but it turns out that 3 of the 5 guys were allergic to hay. So the girls slept there instead. This is Amy demonstrating how to sleep in the sugar shack. :D

Split Rock after Sunday night's rain. Sooo high!

Walking back from Bet's Saturday morning.

At the Gibson Brother's concert Saturday night. (If you've never heard them before, listen to this song of theirs, it's fantasssstic!) Fiona, Anthony, Alex, Tori, and Cody. CODY IS HOME!!!!

And on the other side, Ashley, Owen, and Caleb. Bet and Justin were also there, but they sat a row up. And after the concert, we went to Walmart. It was quite the trip. :)

I wish that the American flag was near the moon, but it wasn't. The Canadian one is pretty with it too though.

There was quite the dancing going on!

This old guy was quite the attraction at the show. :D

Cody all dudded up for Sunday. I love his hat!!

The raspberry pie I made yesterday!

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  1. So the second cloud picture, the one with the road in it, is so Full-Circle-Farmish it makes me want to bawl with homesickness. Even though I just got to be there and I'm coming again. Awesome pictures, all, keep taking pictures even if it isn't 365!