Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

I borrowed Bet's camera today, (mine died. : / ) so that I could take my pictures for photography class. I also wandered around for awhile and just took pictures of most anything, since I was happy to be camera-fied again. I might see if i can figure out what's wrong with mine tomorrow, and maybe it'll be something that will work out!

The haymow this afternoon.

Cheyenne, Orianna, Lily, and Rilla going to see the sheep.

Ashley planted a little garden in front of the milk house, and the morning glory's are so pretty!

This was part of my photography homework, for perspective. But it still looks summer-ish! It's definitely fall though.

Hahahaha this piglet makes me laugh! :D 

Whenever you happen upon them when they're out, they go ballistic and run for their lives. It's pretty funny looking!

The leaves aren't changing totally yet, but they aren't totally green either. Some trees are all out red in Malone.

I love goldenrod!

The goldenrod was like FULL of bees today.

The Viking!

Two things that make life even better, just newly purchased! : This lotion, and these shoes. The lotion makes me want lemon meringue pie. It smells soooo good! And the shoe's were 9 bucks, and I love them. :)


  1. Great pictures, and I LOVE that pig! You'll have to send me a copy of that picture!

  2. Oh, and I even like the honeybee picture-- good thing it wasn't a yellow jacket picture.

  3. I LOVE all these photos, but the spotted piglet takes the cake! Great job!

  4. Isn't the piglet hilarious? They're funny to watch. And I got plenty of yellow jackets in the goldenrod too. I got pictures of them, but I liked this picture the best. NINA!!! You posted your comment on 11:11! This is WEIRD.