Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lovely Things

Snapfish is doing a 300 for $3 sale, so I  got 300 pictures together that I wanted prints of, and came up to Bet's to upload them. And since I have all these pictures I love sitting in a folder, I decided to do a blog post of the ones I love best. Some I've blogged before, others I haven't.

Clouds!!! I love this for the obvious reason that I love clouds. A lot.

I love snow. And I love when it's sparkly.

I love the sunlight coming in!


I love the barn, and I love evening sun.

Morning glory!

SO the farm in the summer.

They're too precious!

This is from last year on our Sunday drive in the mountains. 

Butterfly weed!

The Colosseum. 

The barn+snow=LOVE.

This is a fake plant ("goat feed",) on the way home from Ikea in January. Like BEST NIGHT EVER. Well, almost. :D 



I love goldenrod, and I love bee/yellowjacket/wasp with flower pictures. 

I just like this picture. It was a fun day, too!

For I love lilacs. So.

Black and white. Dandelions. 

These kids are too funny!


A sister picture.

Labor Day, after meeting, where everyone's laughing. Yessss.

Very summery. 

It's like having sun in your eyes. Which I love. And I love the water. 

Mums. Water droplets. Lovely, lovely.

Laughable piglet.

OH MY WORD. I love these colors together. 

I'm in between loving and hating this one. 

She's my favorite little redhead. :)

Elliott and adorable little eyes. 

Like I said, I love these colors together!

And I'm still uploading pictures. Slowly.  But surely. 


  1. Jolly good! I really have to get some of these as prints for my house. Love them all!

  2. Lovely as always, Livie! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. Really great pics! I love them all!

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  5. Yep, they are cool pictures! I like.