Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day Weekend

This weekend, we invited a few people up for a little get together. And then other people called up and asked if this weekend would be and ok time to visit before it snows, so in the end we had Cheryl and Mickie, Maureen and Karina also. (And Aunt Mona and Sylvia came for Sunday afternoon.) It was an awesome weekend, and it was Indian summer, so it was rather warm and sunny. We hiked Azure, went for walks, played basketball, had a bonfire, and had a hymn sing. I totally stole some of these pictures from Ashley. :)

They brought hats, and Orianna was just too cool to smile. 

In their caps and leather gloves.

All three of them got trucker's hats. 

Playing on the swingset before hiking.

Gilbert rather liked having lots of people around to hold him and praise him whenever he did something good. :) 

We had the doors open on the way to Azure, cause it's only the best that way.

Hahaha. David's insane, Tori is just ODD, and Karina is grinning her heart out. 

Love fall. 

He doesn't just have a double chin. More octuple chin.

The hike is always easier when there's leaves. :)

Going to meet up with the guys at the rocks. 

Owen cheesy grin Vaughan.

We off-roaded it for awhile since Caleb and Owen thought it was useless to backtrack 30 feet from the rocks. It actually was almost easier seeming than the trails.

Almost to the top!

They were up in the fire tower already. 

I was very big and brave and climbed the fire tower. And took pictures. 

Lovely Karina!!

The lakes.

We climbed down carefully together. Very cautiously. 

Karina and I! :D 

Group picture! 

Ashley climbed the rock! 


Insane Karina, demonstrating her skinny-ness, flexibility, and piano skills all at once. 

Digging potatoes for dinner, getting the carrots, and picking peppers. 

Pepper boy!

HUGE carrots. 

They brought Sunday mexican food!

Sunday afternoon walk with Karina! 

Karina had to take pictures of animals for her class, so this was my contribution to her assignment. :P

There were no clouds. Which meant it was lovely, but not quite as gorgeous. 

Bonfire Sunday night!

I did a timed exposure of the barn. I like how it turned out. 

Orianna RATHER likes Penny.


The fire itself was rather small. But altogether quite nice, quite nice. :)

They have crazy mad skills. And they make me laugh, when they laugh. 

He's getting so big and growing up!

Tomorrow I have to go to school. LAME.


  1. Cool pictures. I need my camera back so I can put some of these pictures up... :-)

  2. Owen didn't get the memo about acting big and tough in the cap and leather gloves pic. And Azure?? I'm jelly!

  3. Cool picture of the barn. What time of day was it? Cheyenne likes the picture of Karina playing the piano. Cool pictures, all. I will have to update my blog soon so you can be jealous of MY cool weekend.

  4. You have your camera. And now I want it so I can get the pictures from Malone off it.
    Haha no he didn't. Daddy didn't do so well either. :P
    It was nighttime. And you do that. I want to see them.