Monday, March 26, 2012


We went to Rhode Island. Fun weekend, that. We left Thursday with Justin to go down to Clover and Evan's, then went to RI with a stop at Turning Stone for another little show. They had really good roast beef. And free sodas. Lots of free sodas. Friday we hung around and went to Wickford with Betty. Then when Abby got home and Ty got there we went and visited Amy at work, which was great fun, :P went to the beach, had a fantastic steak dinner, played basketball, and finished the evening off with some Taboo. Saturday was a diner for lunch, wiffleball, another visit with Amy, a soopa good dinner, Scattegories, singing, and making our lunches for Sunday. And a search for an open Walmart. Sunday we went to special meetings and then came home an interesting way, as in, it took forever. All in all, it was a totes awes weekend. Two weekends in a row with Amy!!

A dogwood tree near the house that Evan and Justin had to hang a bit of sheetrock in on the way out. GAH I love those trees. I wish there were some up here.

A ducky-woo in Wickford.

Boring picture for Saturday. I had taken a picture of the piano and stuff, but it didn't turn out well. I had taken a picture of the mirror in the kitchen though, so I had to use it.

Last night at home. Boring, but I really love my room.

It's rather cold today compared to last week. We became pansies, I guess. The high today was 34. It snowed while we were on the bus. Annnnd I kinda didn't have my window totally shut on accident. It's chilly in there. In other news, Baylor lost to Kentucky and Syracuse lost to Ohio. I'm sad. And this is a good song. I think of it whenever I see dogwoods, so it's relevant here. So ha.


  1. I like the ducky! It is totes weird that I haven't talked to you since Thursday. Is this on PURPOSE?

  2. HAHA I ruined your comment cause I talked to you this evening. But crazy thing that, not talking for that long.