Saturday, March 17, 2012


     It was a glorious, busy, beautiful day. This morning it was foggy and misty and sunny all at once, so the golden sun was spectacular. I went out and took pictures for a while. IN A TANKTOP. It was 40 degrees. At 7:30. Craziness. Today was a sugaring day. Last of the year! The Barkleys came up for the day, Caleb came, Amy and Betty were here, and Matt, Brianna and Mercedes came for a visit. Just a good day in all.
This is the field on the other side of the barn in the sunlight with the mist rising off it. And all the fences with the water droplets. 


  1. I totes adore this one. I never got to see all your pictures from that day, you should throw them all up on here sometime. Or is this site now sacred to the 365 project? Either way, cool picture!