Monday, April 23, 2012


We had a two-hour delay this morning! It was awesome. :) We had a couple inches of snow/ice. And alllll of this week is rain/snow everyday. Blah. Oh well. Maybe we'll have another delay. :D In other news, Pinterest+Google Maps= Happiness! I follow all these travel boards on Pinterest, so when I see something really cool, I streetview it with Google, and then add it to my map. It makes me SO happy. 

Quick picture from last night. There are some marsh marigolds blooming! And one apple tree. So we picked flowers. :)

The snow mostly melted during the day, which meant that creek was really high. I made a diptych, so it's one photo, but you can't really tell since the middle part is white and so is the background. 


  1. Wicked cool water drops in the bottom picture. And I love the spring-y flowers.