Tuesday, April 24, 2012

44 and Cornbread.

It was gorgeous out tonight! It's not a very creative photo, but the sky was SO  blue and the grass was SO  green. 
Also, in other news, we had cornbread. It was delicious. Here's a shirt to describe my feelings. I really like cornbread. Have I mentioned that?


  1. What, no recipe?? Let's have it!

  2. I actually didn't know you were a cornbread aficionado. I am a Junk Gypsy aficionado, though. I am wicked jealous of your weather. We've had nothing but rain and cold for several days now.

  3. Well, see, the recipe really isn't a recipe. It was just Jiffy mix. :) And Clover, I really do like cornbread. Especially the moist sweet stuff. Love it. It's scrumptious. Delightful. Up there with leftover spaghetti. Junk Gypsy is quite the site. But they don't have some of their best tee shirts anymore.