Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's been a rather busy week. I was sick, had the language night play at school,  everyone was here for a fun weekend, and yesterday we chased the cows and fixed fence for a good bit. 

This was the day I was sick, so I stayed home and slept. And went for a walk. I ended up sleeping over 20 hours, so ridiculous!

Mum's african violet! I kind of forgot it was there, but I noticed it blooming. And it's a very uninspired picture.

Pretty salad!

Blah. We had a lot of fun on Saturday though! Equipment auction, Scott was here, and Lucia was up!

Apple blossom buds!

Really bad. Definitely last minute. See, when we were getting off the bus, I noticed the cows were out, so we chased cows and then fixed fence until 7. Then Ashley bought pizza and I fell asleep on the couch, and just took this picture on the move into the bed. It's really bad. Gah. I hate pictures like this being in my 365.

It was so nice today! So MORE apple blossoms!


  1. Lovely flowers! All these photos are nice, so you shouldn't be ashamed of any of them. We enjoy them all!