Thursday, May 17, 2012

63-65 and House pictures. :)

 I failed my road test yesterday. My camera is delyed so most of my pictures lately have come out blurred. It's a lovely evening. That sort of thing.

So with the white background, this one's kinda weird. But it was against the sky, and to make the basil light enough I had to ligten it, and it made the grey sly white. I just liked the veins on the leaves.

And now the pictures of the Mother's day makeover of the house pictures, for picky face Evan. Well, and anyone else who wants to see them. :)

Shiny newly painted ceiling and a fan without a pen. :)

Finished beam! They didn't take the cow pictures down, thank goodness. I think it would have caused a confused and sad Gilbert. And Lincoln. Precious children that they are.

Border around the living room! I really like it. :)


  1. I like the dandelion fluff picture.

  2. But now I miss the pen!! A piece of family history gone. Did you bronze it? Very cool beam, though, and I like the stripe. Can't wait to see it all! And I like the white background for the basil, it makes it stand out.