Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lots of Random Pictures

This is a post I started quite a while ago, and I'm jsut putting it up now. I also just added some recent pictures, and it's not in order at all. So. But there's lots of pictures!

Kentucky last weekend!
A FANTASTIC water tower in Florence KY. Probably the best ever. :)

Ashley's dancing people this evening. We moved them in!!!! They're staying here for a couple of days while Owen finishes things up, but still. It's exciting!

And a lovely frame of hers!

And her plants on the wire spool. Which she's going to make into a table, which is going to be SO cool!

I LOVE this picture. He's too precious!

Props to Ashley for this one! She took it! :)

Cheesy kid!

Blurry palms at Longwood Gardens. Almost ALL of my pictures turned out blurry from this day. I guess I'll just have to go again someday! :) It was awesome, and I wish we could have spent more time.

Green walls!


  1. What the heck! We only live half an hour from Longwood! Come visit next time or I'll slander the good Vaughan name! ;-) And, as usual, love the pics!

  2. Lily in a trucker hat, layered tutu, and abashed/dejected look, is quite the sight. And definite props to Ashley for the Gilbert-on-truck picture.

  3. We'll have to stop in next time! We were visiting Aunt Emma. Lily did have QUITE the look going on. She had her swim trunks on under the tutu. :) I know I love that picture! I want to take some of the kids tomorrow like that.