Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog Circle: Thankful

I'm participating in a blog circle, which is a first for me. So I'm still learning, but I think it should be fun. Or at least a good challenge. This month the subject was Thankful. I wanted to do some cute little picture with the kids when they were thankful or something, But with this month being super crazy, what with the play and being sick and people being here. So I did a picture of something I'm thankful for instead. It's a picture of the cows in the field after we fed them. I'm thankful for living where we do and having cows and growing up on a farm. There's the house in the background, and I'm thankful for having a home and house where I'm warm and dry. And Owen and Ashley's house is hiding in the back corner, which I'm thankful for, because having family around is awesome. Bet and Justin are cool kids too. :) 


  1. Great pictures!! Love the "golden light" in the last picture of the calf!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the peak into your life. Definitely different than my city one. Great!