Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween, The Painted Bathroom, and Daddy's Lava Lamp

    It's been busy in a lovely way. Besides school. School is blah. Oh well! On Halloween we went to Bet's and took the kids trick-r-treating. On Friday we went to Ottawa with Ashley, went to Ikea, and met up with some people. Super fun! I had left my camera at Bet's on Wednesday, however, so I didn't get any pictures. But. It was awesome. 

The sidewalk on the way up to Bet's.

The kids and me. Lily was woodland fairy, Gilbert was a dragon, Elsie was an elephant  and Orianna was an island girl. And I was a cowgirl. 

I mean HOW precious is she? 

And just cause black and white seemed fitting for an elephant. 

Daddy bought a lava lamp. He's quite taken by it. I love him.

The bathroom! Painted orange, an new-ish shower curtain, (as of Labor Day,) and the window trim painted.

  So this week is going to busy, and I have play practice everyday, since the play is this Thursday and Friday. Sooooo crazy! Clover and Evan are coming up! With the kids of course. Loads of stuff will be happening, what with Fiona's recital on Saturday and all. All in all, it'll be pretty fun! Also, it's definitely getting to be winter.


  1. Super cool bath-a-room. And I adore all the kids' costumes. Elsie is the world's most squinchable elephant. I was just thinking tonight that Rilla might like a lava lamp, but I didn't think about Daddy needing one. Strange that I didn't think of that. And I love the picture of the leafy sidewalk!

  2. YOU PAINTED THE BATHROOM?? Do you know who painted that bathroom last?? Your's truly. I'm insulted you didn't leave that paint color until the end of time in honor of my back-breaking labor of love. Also, cool leaves. And cool kids. :-)

  3. Love the picture of Elsie, Bellsie. And the leafy sidewalk. And, Nina, I am disappointed as well, that they didn't respect history a little more and leave the Nina/Bethaney paint job aLONE.