Monday, November 18, 2013

Blog Circle: Night

 The theme for this month's blog circle is night.  I was going to do more star pictures, but when I was on the road trip with Cody, I saw a lot of sunsets and sunrises, and had a lot of fun nights! I also got to meet Lisa and Tessa, who are a part of this blog circle! Between hanging out at Lerwick's, going to Laramie, driving across Nebraska, sleeping in the El Camino in Vermillion (and the Upper Peninsula, and Canada,) staying with Forsbergs with JoAnna, seeing folks in Fargo, playing games in MN, and lots of driving, nights were pretty fun!

The first night, we went out to pick up some cows and bring them to the pivots in Nebraska. So awesome!

 Gorgeous sunset!

I finally got to ride in a semi! 

Night falling when we were building  a corral in Pine River, MN. 


  1. What a fun trip! You probably saw a lot of gorgeous sunsets and if you were in Fargo, you were right up in my neck of the woods! (Er... flatlands... :D )

  2. Beautiful sunset shot! It was great to get to meet you Livie!

  3. There WERE a lot of gorgeous sunsets and sunrises! We went to meeting right outside Fargo on Wednesday night! Next time I'm in the area I'll have to look you up! And Lisa, it was nice to meet you too!