Monday, November 25, 2013

Things I Love Monday

In keeping with being a poor blogger, I'm doing a "Things I Love Thursday"-style post on Monday. I have free time at school on Mondays, though. So. That's what.  Here are some things I've loved lately: 

  1. Over dyed oriental rugs: Clover showed these to me a few weekends ago, and I've loved them! Basically, you dye an old oriental rug a bright color. I now want one very badly. Oh well. Somehow I'll manage without one. :) 
  2. "Royals" covers. They're just good! First, the original. The first time I heard this song, I was driving to Burlington to go to the doctors. It played 4 times. Nowhere near as much as Roar, which played, in all honesty, a whopping 14 times. But 4 is still enough to get me to notice it.  Then, Justin found this bluegrass cover. So good. And THEN he found this version by a really tall clown who is creepy but can sing really well.  He's weird. Just don't watch the video. Anyway, good songs, in my opinion.  
  3. The road trip I went on with Cody. The funnest thing ever.

Flowers! That's pretty self-explanatory. They're just pretty. My pinterest is chock full of flowers lately.  Whoops. 

And lastly: I just found a whole post of photos from July that never got published. So here are pictures of July! 

Awesome sunset! 

I made jam on day, and decided I had to take pictures of it, since it was so ridiculously red and summery. 


Some of Tori's flowers.

And it's now wintery, not summery. It's weird to look at pictures of flowers outside the house. Now there's just dead stalks and snow. But I still kind of love it, even if everyone thinks it's weird.  :) And that's what I love today! 


  1. Why do you have to post such gorgeous pictures of summer when I was just settling down to enjoying winter? I love winter but it is pretty hard to beat summer evenings.

  2. Whoops for some reason it says your name but it is actually me (tori now it's says anonymous _- I give up)

    That was act a

    That was actually me ( tori) and now I am going to stop writing because I have messed this up at least twenty seven times and I am getting frustrated w with this technology

  3. I love these things, too. And Tori's comment. And I agree with Tori's sentiments regarding stacking July evenings up against freezing rain and bitter winds. And we shall have to go hunting for an oriental rug. 'Tis important.