Monday, May 5, 2014

Macro Monday

Even though I really should be working on final projects, I borrowed Bet's macro lens extender and took macros today. So here they are! 

A screw.

Tread on the ladder in the shop.

A nail holding up a chain.

A little seed on burned baler twine.

A roll of chain-link fencing.

And then the next several are lichens and moss.

Splintered wood around a nail.

And then these next two are from a walk in the woods last week. I was trying lens-off-the-camera macros, which gives them a little more of a dreamy look. For I think the first time ever, I deleted my memory card before I had switched them over. I can't believe I hadn't switched them! Anyhow, I had these two on my flash drive from Digi Photo.


  1. I like the dreamy ones best! And I think Macros require a caption, since it is a little difficult to work out what they all are.

  2. Me too! I think I'm going to try more this week, and NOT delete them. And I captioned them now. So.