Friday, May 16, 2014

Wednesday Walk, Week 2

I finished college! It's so exciting and all that! Now in just a few days I'll be heading out to ND, which is also exciting, but a bit scary. Anyhow, here are some pictures from a walk this week. 

I love this for no reason.

I attempted some more off-the-camera-macros.

Trillium! And the lens being off threw a light flare in, which might be utterly too hipster, or ok. Who knows, right?

Having the lens off makes the depth of field crazy narrow. Which can be pretty fun, but makes it really hard to focus! Anyhow, I like the tiny bit of the curling edge of the petals. 

I may be a flower geek. 


  1. Flower geeks are the best kind of geeks. I love these pictures!

  2. It is quite possible that you are related to Bethaney Cotten. And I love the hipster flower.

  3. Thanks guys! And after time, I'm thinking that the hipster flower is cool, as well.