Monday, January 9, 2012

Cristin's Wedding

Cristin and Andy got married on New Years Eve in Vermont. Bethaney, Justin, Tori and I all headed over to Brandon for the festivities.  A lot of these pictures were resized for Facebook, but I decided to put them up here instead, so they might be a little blurry. Also, when the lighting is poor, my camera tends to give the pictures a textured look, like it's watercolor paper. Weird. But it's a minor complaint, and my camera's been awesome otherwise! 

Waiting for Cristin!

During the ceremony.

Verity doing her lovely poem reading. :)

Mary looking all pretty in her bridesmaid dress. 


I loved her hairpiece!

And her dress was wicked pretty. :)

The cool kids!

Part of the decoration on the mantelpiece in the library. It really was a very randomly decorated inn. It was called the Lilac Inn, but focused mainly on elephants and palm trees, with a few random hydrangeas. But it was lovely all in all. After a couple hours of the reception in the ballroom, we headed into the library to talk to the Earls and such. It was just a little quieter in there. 

Alex showing off some of the New Years attire. :)

Those crazy Earl girls! 

Jill and Justin with their interesting hats. :) Nina got a picture of them that was just so hilarious I had to steal it from Facebook:

Oh yeah!

Semi-normal picture!

"Skinny Angle!!!"

Verity was bummed about not getting to see Linds, so she had Tori get a picture with her to pretend. :)

Awww cute couple!

And another!

And again!

And then about 20 minutes before midnight, we went out to the reception again.

Sparklers at midnight! It was so super pretty! And then after awhile they turned the disco ball on, the smoke made the light from the ball turn into beams all over. Which was also cool.

First picture of us this year! 

Haha love it!

Excited, smoky picture! The smoke and the flash didn't make for the best pictures ever. 

Nina, Andrea, and Matt! 

We are so cool. Be jealous!

2012 has been great so far! And looks like it's going to continue that way!  There's lots of exciting things happening, like possible roadtrips, visiting cousins, all that sort of stuff! This weekend Fiona, Tori, Alex, and I are heading down Syracuse way, since Fiona's going to Dave and Eleanor's. The rest of us will crash at Clover's and annoy her. :) And hopefully see Kim! 


  1. Hey I was wanting to steal some of these pictures. The sparkler one turned out pretty good! The others I have seen were pretty hazy and smokey.

  2. Haha some of these are completely ridiculous! I guess I didn't think about doing my 2-1 in reverse so on camera it was 1-2, oops! And I also loved the sparkler pic, there were too many pics of that!

  3. Awesome picture of Alex, you and Tori (first pic of the year). And Justin totally needs to get a print of his bead goatee framed.

  4. Oh man, you got the best one of me and Brad! Good pic, Liv. It was an awesome New Year!

  5. Steal the sparkler one then. I had to take like 4 to get a decent one. Haha Nina I noticed the reversed thing too! :) Justin's goatee is CLASSY. You and Brad are just cute, Ver! It WAS an awesome New Year!

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