Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long Weekend

We were supposed to have a three day weekend last weekend, because of Martin Luther King Day, but it turned out to be a 5 day weekend! We had a snow day on Thursday due to ice, and then one on Friday due to more ice and snow. So we had a nice long break! And next week there are Regents, so we only have to go  Monday and Friday. Loving part-time school. I think we've had a total of like 6 weeks this year that we went to school all 5 days? Sooooo nice!

The moon last week. :) It was especially lovely.

The sun on Wednesday was awe-thum.

Our weather's been really weird this year, so last week after an icy Thursday, it was warm Friday morning before getting cold again. So a lot of the ice melted and was in this puddle against the house, and the new room got water in it, so we moved all the furniture and pulled the water away from the house and shop vac-ed all the water out of the room and such. Then we put everything back again on  Monday, but yesterday it got warm again, so the new snow and ice melted and leaked in. Dad just told me this. Oops. 

Snowy farm!

I took my camera with me Friday when we went to feed cows. So I wandered around on the hill freezing my hands for a while after we fed them to take pictures. It was fun though.

Most of the birches around here didn't like all the ice.

The corral, all ice-ified.

On Saturday Fiona, Tori, and I walked up to Owen and Ashley's house since Fiona hadn't seen it in awhile. It was SUPER cold and windy. It was about 0, but it felt way colder. And when we fed cows, I wasn't dressed super warmly, and I about froze to death. Well, not really. I just got wickedly cold.

When it was sunny, the trees were lovely with their ice.

Tyler was over Saturday, and the girls " 'tended he was sick".

Sunday afternoon laziness!

That crazy Gilbert kid. :)

Props to Tori! She took my camera out Sunday afternoon. 

I love the way the snow gets when it blows across the field.


  1. Love the moon picture and the cow and the truck picture. And the barbed wire. Okay, there aren't many that I didn't like.

  2. Pretty Thweet! Though I do wish you would stop dumping water in MY room. And Tori is the quite the budding pho-tog.

  3. It seems as if getting cold while feeding cows is a common theme... but i went and got a brain. And carhartts. :)

  4. Thanks Bet! I know, Clover! The audacity. We're not putting the room back together for now, since it looks like every time it gets warmer it's going to flood. Being cold while feeding cows is a common theme. :D I wanna see your Carhartts! I'm tote jeal.