Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

A random list of things that make me happy. :)

The fact that I'm changing my walls, and putting up pictures.  I'm dedicating the walls around my bed just to things that make me happy. I like being happy.

Lilac scented candle! I love lilacs. Easily my favorite part of spring. With the huge lilac bush, we can pick enough that the whole house smells like them for a couple weeks. 

Yoplait Boston Creme Pie yogurt! BEST YOGURT EVER.
Spur of the moment sleepovers!  Last night as Alex and Chris were leaving after meeting, Alex mentioned that she didn't have school today either, so after a short begging-the-parents scene, we started a typical sleepover night. :D We watched Schoolhouse Rock on YouTube, ate sugar cookies, danced around and were generally loud in the main room, and then went up to Tori's room to write crazy things before sleeping. Sounds like summer. 
Cody came in and quoted a grammar video, and Alex about died. It really wasn't THAT funny.

One of the random pictures of Alex's ninja dance. :) Seeing the whole sequence is probably one of the funniest things ever. 

Singing for us. :)

Webcam pictures with Alex and Tori. They make me laugh. :D
I think this was supposed to be part ninja or something. But the faces are priceless.

Semi-normal, besides my weird face.

Ahhhhh this reminds me of Bill the cat. 

Non-pictured things that ought to be on this list:

This song also makes me happy. It's a fantastically happy song. 
Sledding: with the ridiculous amount of ice around, you can sled forever on the ancient toboggan. We could go from the corral to past the barn without stopping. It was awesome fun.
Two day school week!!! This really doesn't need to be explained. 

     The ice that was so awesome for sledding isn't actually awesome. The roads are clear, but the fields and driveways and everything are impossibly icy. I fell 591563873 times today. Trying to go up any sort of hill, not matter how tiny, is pretty much impossible with the tractor. We're supposed to be getting more tonight too. Hopefully we get snow again to cover it up.


  1. Well I'm glad to see the wonderful Vaughan tradition of impromptu sleep-overs continuing! You girls seems exactly like us at that age. :)

    I also love lilacs. They're probably my favorite flower. And I do love your pretty photos!

  2. Okay, make that 1 day school week. Super cool wall. Lurve it. But I'm afraid that I can't admit I know you after the Tori-Alex-Livie silliness.

  3. I did that w/ my walls in college! The dorms had these unattractive cement block walls that were only improved by covering them totally. Also, you guys are weirdos and we never did anything like that.

  4. Ver-Impromptu sleepovers are the best! School usually cramps our style, though. If we're just like you were, maybe there's hope for us yet. :D
    Clover-It WAS a one day school week. And you're just jealous of us. But thank you.
    Nina- Pictures do improve boring walls a lot. I guess I was just dreaming when I was little and you and Bet were doing weird things. :D