Friday, January 6, 2012

Snow Pictures

      I was going to put up pictures of the last month and a bit, but I've decided just to do snow pictures.  There's way too many picture's I'd want to put up if I did them all. What with vacation and beautiful outdoors and Cristin's wedding. And Amy W. had  was talking about wanting snow pictures. So here's a whole post of them!! 

On the way to the Birchbark with Mum, Clover, Marilyn and Ashley on Christmas Eve. It was soooo pretty out!
Mm. Lovely. 

A peeling bench outside the Birchbark. T'was cool.

And then when Amy P. was here, we went on a wintry walk and took a bajillion pictures. :) Ame's is totes awes! 

I like the colors of the bus against the snow. Mhm.

Poor llama. He just died. He got worms.

I really like this one. Like the tones or something. Mostly the clouds I think. :D

Totes gorg sunrise the other morning! I took this picture from inside. And it's very clear. This would be because the windows were open, despite the negative temperature. See, Cody's boot liner caught on fire in the furnace room so the whole house was smoke. But I stayed home sick that day, so I got to go back into my warm, smoke free room and sleep. :) It was lovely. The sleeping, I mean. Not the fire deal.

        And then for Amy W.'s pleasure, I decided to do some snow pictures from after particularly pretty snow storm in March. 

I love undisturbed snow.

With shadows.

Coyote went along with me on my little trek. :)

I LOVE the way the light falls in this picture. Sigh.

Golden hour!


  1. This makes the current slop we have seem rather pathetic. Beauteous, which is totes norm.

  2. Olivia!! Thanks so much. You have just earned yourself a free match-making service! Since you did SUCH a good job, grab a friend or two (unmarried sisters allowed) and I'll even help them out!!!

    By the way, it looked weird to see that Amy P. and you went for a walk. I thought, "I did not go for a walk with Olivia in the snow!" Then I remembered I was now Amy W. Yikes. Good thing tomorrow is Friday...and a LONG weekend!

    Thanks again, kidlet!

  3. I'm sure you have some real snow now, Clover. :) I can't wait, Amy! You're always so sincere in your help. It's a treat to work with such a pro. :D I have to say, I often forget you're Amy W. now. And Parsons and Parker are just enough alike that I can get all discombobulated. We got an extra long weekend, with two snow days!